Where used: Classification Model, State Model


Read First: Relation

A tuple gives a set of things that participate in a relation between
those things.  For example, to put Jane and John in the marriage
relation, you create a tuple of Jane and John, (Jane, John) and classify
it by the Marriage relation.

Usually the elements of a tuple are ordered in a certain way to identify
the places, but tuples may be implemented in any manner.  The only
requirement is that there is a way to find an element in the tuple given
the place of that element.  For example given the tuple expressing the
marriage of Jane and John, there should be a way to find the Jane when
asked for the element filling the Wife place.

We could not think of a case where an object is both a tuple and an
object type, but we also could not prove that one doesn't exist.  So we
have left Tuple non-disjoint from Object Type, and consequently,
TupleClassifier non-disjoint from Metaobject Type.  Tool that provide an
object that is both and tuple and an object type will need to define a
semantics for the instances of tuple.  We would be interested in hearing
about such a semantics.

See comments at Place Relation.  


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