Where used: Operation Model

isResultOf / resultsIn

Event Type isResultOf Operation_

Operation_ resultsIn Event Type

Read First: Event Type

Gives the goals of the operation, or more specifically, the noteworthy
effects of the operation.  Operations may have other effects that are
not modelled in the resulting event types.  This just means that the
unmodelled effects won't be triggering other operations (see Trigger
Rule).  The user may still output information about these other effects
through output variables (see outputs/IsOutputBy).  Operations may have
no resulting event at all, for example operations that never finish,
like Sell Products.

See discussion at Trigger Rule about how events are used in Event

Multiple events?  See p 170 of the Foundation book.


The minimum cardinality is zero on the Event Type side because some
operations do not result in noteworthy events.  For example, processes
that are not intended to end, likes Sales.