Where used: Operation Model

hasInputs / IsInputOf

Operation_ hasInputs Variable

Variable IsInputOf Operation_

Read First: Operation

Gives the information required to start an operation. 

This relation is at Operation rather than Method because signature
overloading is modelled as a separate operation for each signature.

The inputs of the operations must include variables with type of the
objects that are used for making requests (see
requestsThrough/supportsRequestsFor).  Other than that, users have alot
of leeway in how input variables are chosen.  They may require as few
inputs as possible, preferring to calculate other necessary information
from those inputs.  On the other hand, they may require many inputs, in
order to use calculations already made by the event diagrams that are
using the operation.  As a guideline, users should define an operation's
input so that it applies to as general types as possible, and is most
generally useful to event diagrams that might call it.  This will
increase the potential reusability of the operation.

See comments at Method.